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Aqua Cure FAQ

What type of supplies / applications do you cover?

We offer a very wide range but our main area of expertise is in providing equipment and consumables for private water supplies, both existing and planned as well as for improving your mains water supply, be it to a domestic or commercial premises.

What type of systems do you sell spares / consumables for?

Try us!

Send us a picture, a description or a code and we’ll try and find either a direct replacement or an equivalent. Generally speaking we supply spares and consumables for R.O.s, U.V.s and domestic systems as well as providing associated tubing and fittings.

How do I know if my water needs treating?

  • Mains
    Certain people may object to the excessive chlorine taste of their mains drinking water. Our domestic drinking water systems can reduce the taste and odour of chlorine giving you fresh tasting drinking water from a tap in your kitchen at much less than the cost of a filter jug.
  • Private Water Supply
    If you have a private water supply, your water source should be registered with your local authority and a risk assessment should be carried out. This assessment will highlight whether further treatment is required.
  • Other
    Certain commercial or municipal activities will also require water treatment – for example a fountain may require a U.V. system to prevent a build up of algae causing a blockage.

How much will water treatment cost?

There are no fixed costs, each enquiry is assessed on an individual basis following consultation. Aqua Cure (Scotland) Ltd will provide you with a bespoke quotation or proposal.

Our systems range in cost from tens of pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

Are your systems easy to install / maintain?

In a word: yes!

All our systems are supplied with full installation instructions, maintenance schedules and fault finding guides. Some of our systems, however, will require an electrical supply and modifications to existing pipework and we would recommend that this is carried out by a qualified operative.

Where can I find advice on how to treat my water supply?

Our site for a start! We provide details of your legal duties and the regulations pertaining to private water supplies and we also cover the water quality issues you’re likely to encounter.

As well as our site, you can obtain advice from the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s website and the government’s Private Water Supplies site.

How much stock do you hold and what sort of lead times are there on non-stock items?

We hold large stocks of our most popular items such as filters, cartridges, lamps and quartz sleeves.

We do our utmost to get non-stock items delivered in a timely fashion and will endeavour to keep you informed of  your orders progress, however lead times will vary depending on the supplier.

Do I need to be a trade customer?

No, we have a wide variety of customers in many sectors and can sell to consumers, plumbers and traders.

Remember, we stock more than we can possibly fit on our website so if you can’t see an item relevant to your application then please do give us a call.

Tel: 01738 626 648

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