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Filters & Housings

Filters and Housings

Our wide range of water filters, housings and spares cover many applications and markets and are sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. Many of our filtration products boast industry accreditations such as NSF and WRAS approval.

We also offer essential accessories such as brackets, spanners, o-rings and gauges.

Remember, if you’re left a bit baffled by the huge range of materials, media, micron ratings and pressure ratings on offer than please do contact us.

We Have The Filter You Need

Despite being potentially a bit confusing, the huge range of different filtration types and micron ratings mean that we can tailor a filter system to your exact requirements.

All on One Delivery

Our wide range of housings and accessories means you can get everything you need on one delivery:- no waiting for extra parts or payments for extra deliveries.


FiltersWe offer many different materials depending on your application:

  • Bag filters are the simplest way of reducing larger particles economically while maintaining high flow rates.
  • Polyester media cartridges are suitable for reducing larger particulates such as sand / silt etc.
  • Polypropylene (wound or spun) is used for reducing fine sediment including rust and scale particles.
  • Carbon Blocks are suitable for removing chlorine, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.
  • In-line filters are compatible with water coolers, under-sink drinking water systems and fridges.



HousingsWe offer a large range of robust housings supplied by PENTEK™ and SPECTRUM™.

  • 10 inch and 20 inch housings (both clear and opaque).
  • High capacity ‘big blue’ housings.
  • New for 2013 SPECTRUM Aqualyze Housings.
  • Bag Filter Housings.

Spares and Accessories

Aqua Cure Scotland stock many spares and accessories to help you get the most out of your filter system and keep it properly maintained.  As well as brackets, spanners and spare o-rings we can also supply gauges which fit to the housing and which display the health of your filter so you know when to replace it.


Pentek 3G Brackets


Pentek 3G Spanner


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Pentek 3G Gauge

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