Private Water Supplies

Private Water Supplies

Safeguarding Your Drinking Water

Aqua Cure Scotland’s long experience and large range of treatment solutions for problematic private water supplies enables us to provide quality products for the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

We hope you’ll find the following information useful for exploring a new supply or assessing the an existing water treatment system but it goes without saying that if you don’t see the information of products you require, then please give us a call on 01738 626 648 or send us a message via our Contact Page.


There are in excess of 500,000 people in the UK who’s only source of drinking water is from a private supply. These fall into one of three main types: wells, springs / streams and boreholes and we can help you plan, install and maintain a private water supply system using any of these as a source.



Most wells are aquifer fed, with waters provided from a relatively shallow underground source.

Springs / Streams

This type of system is usually the simplest and generally consists of a protected collecting chamber to which feed waters are diverted before being delivered to a storage tank within the property.

Private Water Supplies - Boreholes


Boreholes extract water from far deeper than any other source. Using a rigid tube of 4″ or 6″ reaching down to the supply and a submersible pump at the base, they can operate at depths in excess of of 150′. Both of the above systems should be protected from vermin and surface water contamination.

Some people may have access to more than one type of supply and in many cases your water source will need to be registered with a local authority, we can help you identify your local authority and put you in touch with them.

We Can Help You With…

Water Quality Issues

Private Water Supplies - Water Quality Issues

A brief summary of all the various water quality issues which can affect private water supplies and the various systems we would recommend to help you solve them.

Legal Duties & Regulations

Private Water Supplies - Legal Duties & Regulations

Setting up your own private water supply is a potentially a bit of a legal minefield – let us guide you through the various pieces of legislation you’ll need to comply with.


Private Water Supplies - Grants

Currently local councils in Scotland are offering grants of up to £800 per property for the improvement of private water supplies.

Why Do You Need Specialist Help?

Private supplies drawing feed water from surface water sources are vulnerable to contamination, particularly in agricultural catchments. Though treatment is recommended in the event of contamination, navigating the myriad forms of water treatment available is potentially something of a minefield.

In such a specialised area and with the potential risk involved in drinking untreated or incorrectly treated water as well as the legal requirements for drinking water quality you’re likely to need a little advice and guidance at the very least. Aqua Cure Scotland can offer impartial advice with no pressure to make a purchase and we can also put you in touch with capable professionals who are qualified to fit what are rather complicated bits of kit.

We’ll Work With You

There are many factors to consider in the design of a water treatment installation, to assist in this process we can help you obtain the following:

  1. Water Analysis

    An up to date water analysis is essential as the chemistry of the water can affect the overall performance of the equipment.

  2. Flow Rates

    In order to correctly size the equipment, we will need to know the flow requirements. This includes; the flow rate from the pump or gravity source, the total daily usage and the number of hours per day that continuous flow will be required.

  3. Site Details

    A general description of the site as well as its use and the distribution system.

These details are crucial to ascertaining what which water treatment system would best benefit you. At Aqua Cure Scotland we have a keen understanding of the issues, their causes and the best solutions. In order to help you find the above information, we can arrange a site survey (within certain areas) and/or a water analysis.

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