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Water Gem Under-sink Filter SystemMains Water Treatment

Aqua Cure Scotland stock a range of systems for removing the chemicals from and improving the taste of your mains water; from simple under-sink chlorine removal filters to domestic reverse osmosis systems which remove just about everything!

Why do I need a Mains Water System?

Everyone underestimates water as an ingredient. You might spend a great deal of time choosing fruit or vegetables that are free from marks or bruises, you may painstakingly sift flour or buy expensive sugar but if water is required by a recipe… on comes the tap with all its chlorine tastes & smells.

Chlorine does a great job – but it’s essentially the wrapping, it protects the product on its journey from the supplier to the customer. But when you get your shopping home, do you eat the packaging?

Domestic filter systems allow you to ‘unwrap’ your water providing you with an end product that is clean, clear and free from chemical tastes.

UK Made

Made in Britain from WRAS approved materials for superior quality, the Water Gem is Europe’s best selling under-sink filter system.

Improves Taste and Odour

The Water Gem is designed to improve the taste and odour of mains water supplies, reducing chlorine and other chemicals as well as rust or sediment.

Easy DIY Installation

The Water Gem is supplied with all tubing and fittings necessary for an easy installation. No specialist tools are required and no pipes need to be cut.

Permanent Stocks of Replacement Filters

Aqua Cure Scotland have large stocks of replacement filters and spares for all our domestic mains water treatment systems.

Water Gem KitWater Gem

Water is heavy and carting it about in bottles makes little sense from an ecological standpoint. Far better to filter water at the point of use after it has already been transported by water main.

The Water Gem does just this, filtering out the chlorine and any other chemicals your water has picked up during municipal water purification as well as any sand, sediment or rust from the pipes along the way. This method of obtaining clean, chlorine-free water is more cost efficient than a filter jug and are far more environmentally friendly than bottled water.

The filter cartridge is easily replaced with simple push-on connectors. Each filter lasts up to 6 months and we always have healthy stocks of replacement cartridges.

Aqua Cure Scotland Domestic Reverse Osmosis SystemDomestic Reverse Osmosis System

Aqua Cure Scotland’s domestic reverse osmosis system offers 4 stages of filtration: a dirt/sediment pre-filter, a carbon pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane and a post polishing filter.

The unit has a 9 litre storage tank; when you draw water from the system the final post filter comes into action to polish off any residual taste / odour in the water as it leaves the tank.

This system comes with a full installation kit which includes a saddle valve, tubing, module, tank and tap – everything you need for a D.I.Y. installation (though we would recommend the assistance of a plumber to install any reverse osmosis system).

The main benefits of treatment by reverse osmosis:

  • Up to 98% rejection of all contaminants.
  • Removes 99%+ bacteria.
  • Removes scale and hardness.
  • Simple & quick filter changes.
  • Inexpensive to run at less than 2p per litre.

The system can supply up to 50 US gallons per day and 3 bar of mains water pressure is required for the unit to operate.

Instructions, a system schematic and an easy to use troubleshooting guide for this product are all available online.

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