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Particulate Filtration

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Particulate Filtration

Particulate filtration is the filtering of solid, undissolved particles from water.

The nature and size of these solid particles can vary greatly from clay particles, sand, organic debris to iron oxide and manganese oxide. Particulate filters can be used whether on their own or more commonly as part of a more comprehensive filtration system – iron and manganese filter systems for example sometimes use a back-washable particulate filter.

The type and size of filter will depend on the water quality and flow rate.

Why do I need a Particulate Filter?

Besides the obvious applications removing excessive sediment, sand or similar from an untreated water supply, particulate filtration is also necessary as a form of pre-filtration prior to an ultra violet (U.V.) steriliser. A pre-filter removes particulate matter above 5 microns enabling the U.V. to destroy the bacteria.

Works With Other Filter Systems

Eliminates particles that can damage equipment and prevent other filtration systems working to their full potential.

Simple and Economical

As one of the simplest forms of filtration available, cartridge based particulate filter systems are easy to maintain with well priced replacement filters widely available.

Wide Range of Options Available

A choice of systems is available depending on your application, water quality and required flow rate, including larger back-washable systems or simpler, low cost cartridge based systems.

Choice of Sizes and Flow Rates

All systems can be specified in a large number of sizes, covering a range of flow rates.

Aqua Cure Scotland Bag FiltersBag Filters

Bag filters are an extremely simple way to reduce high volumes of particulate whilst maintaining high flow rates.

Whilst cartridge based filter systems can achieve finer levels of filtration, bag filters have a distinct cost advantage, using smaller, lower cost housings and lower cost consumables for the equivalent amount of contaminant removed by a cartridge filter system.

Bag filters are designed to save you money at every turn, even changing a bag filter is quick and simple reducing the time spent changing them.

A wide range of micron ratings is available, please contact us for specifics.

Aqua Cure Scotland Pleated Filter CartridgesCartridge Based Systems

Cartridge filters are probably the most popular of all particulate filters as they are perfectly suited to pre-filtration – protecting higher spec filters downstream.

Aqua Cure Scotland supply cartridge filters in a combination of media (polyester, polypropylene, carbon) and constructions (pleated, spun, wound) depending on the size of the particles being removed, the flow rate and whether chlorine / cyst removal is required.

Cartridge filters fit a range of industry standard housings the most popular being the standard and wide (big blue) versions in 10” and 20” lengths and as with the cartridges, a vast number of options and permutations exist.

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