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pH Correction

Rain water is naturally slightly acidic – this acidity causes it to dissolve chalk and / or metallic deposits present in the local rock strata which leads to the contamination of the water. This results in ground and borehole water containing a number of elements that would not otherwise be present in mains water. These contaminants (such as iron and manganese) can then cause problems when the water is put into use.

Acidic water results in the corrosion of pipework, heating cylinders and equipment and any iron and manganese present will result in poor tasting water in addition to staining baths, basins and any appliances with which the water may come into contact.

A pH value of below 7 is considered to be acidic – corrosion accelerates at pH levels below 6.5 with a level below 6.0 considered to be extremely aggressive. It is usually difficult to remove iron and manganese from acidic water so often the first step in the removal process is to raise the pH.

Why do I need a pH Correction Filter?

Drinking water with a pH as low as 6.5 is allowed by the EU Drinking Water Directive, however at this acidity water will be quite unpalatable while contamination with iron or manganese would also lead to an astringent taste and this is before you take into account the the cost of damage to pipework and appliances caused by corrosion.

Protects Pipework

pH correction reduces the acidity thus making your water less corrosive and therefore less damaging to pipework, boilers and appliances, preventing corrosion and pitting.

Prevents Staining

Acidic water is more likely to absorb contaminants such as iron, manganese and copper. Reduced acidity reduces the staining of baths and basins caused by dissolved contaminants.

Inert Media
pH Correction Media

The simplest and safest way to raise the pH is to run the water through a pressure vessel containing a bed of specially prepared limestone. This is a mixture of calcium and manganese salts which gradually dissolves, increasing the pH level of the water as it does so. Eventually the limestone completely dissolves and will need refilling periodically – though refilling is straightforward as the media is inert and easy to handle.

Manual and Automatic Systems

To treat waters that are otherwise (bar the acidity) clear, a basic manual (up-flow) system is all that is required. Up-flow systems are also suitable for re-mineralising the pure water produced by reverse osmosis or desalination.

For water with significant iron, manganese or turbidity problems an automatic backwashing (down-flow) system will be needed to remove the accumulated debris. Backwashing systems include service and drain line
flow controllers and Aqua Cure Scotland stock a number of suitable backwashing valves from Fleck and Clack.

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