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Aqua Dosa S11 Sanitiser

All water systems can be susceptible to water borne bacteria, viruses and algae as well as biofilm. Sanitising your system disinfects the internal and external water contact points preventing this contamination by organic material.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm will form on pretty much any surface that is in contact with water and is the result of water borne bacteria, pseudomonas for example is notorious for causing biofilm to form in water supplies. Besides the obvious health risks, biofilm can also block pipes and taps and cause unpleasant tastes and discolouration.

To render any disinfection effective, this biofilm must be removed and with it’s concentrated 6% hydrogen peroxide formulation Aqua Dosa™ Plus does both – removing biofilm and disinfecting your water system.

External Sanitising

Quick and Easy To Use

Though Aqua Dosa™ Plus is concentrated, regular strength Aqua Dosa™ is available as are dosing bottles, dispensers and test strips designed to make application easy.

The Society of Food Hygiene & Technology - Award Winner 2009

Award Winning

Aqua Dosa™ won a Green Apple Award for its environmental credentials while Aqua Dosa™ S11 received an award from The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology.

Internal Sanitising

Internal and External Sanitisers Available

With hydrogen peroxide based Aqua Dosa™ Plus for system internals and Byotrol based Aqua Dosa™ S11 for external surfaces we’ve got all bases covered.

Environmentally Friendly

After it has worked its magic, the hydrogen peroxide in Aqua Dosa™ Plus breaks down to water and oxygen leaving no toxic by-products behind.

Aqua Dosa PlusAqua Dosa™ Plus

Aqua Dosa™ Plus has been specially designed for use cleaning reservoirs and water lines. It’s concentrated solution (6% hydrogen peroxide) makes it even more cost effective though original strength Aqua Dosa™ with 3% hydrogen peroxide is also available.

It leaves behind no taste and odour once flushed from the system and test strips are available to indicate 100% removal of the solution.

Further sanitising and cleaning products are available, please contact us for specifics.

Aqua Dosa Sani KitAqua Dosa™ S11 Sani Kits

Designed for maximum convenience Aqua Dosa™ S11 Sani Kits include a ready to use sanitiser spray and a combination of brushes, cloths and gloves.

The S11 spray included in this kit is powered by Byotrol – a technologically advanced sanitising solution which is both safer to use than bleach but is also more effective. It’s patented technology uses surface tension to literally pull micro-organisms apart and unlike alcohol based sanitisers it continues to work long after it has dried.

Contact us for further details.

Byotrol Hygiene TechnologyByotrol

Aqua Dosa S11 contains Byotrol, a revolutionary new hygiene technology which is more powerful, longer lasting and gentler on the skin than existing bleach based disinfectants.

Byotrol is also more effective, longer lasting and more cost effective than alcohol based sanitisers.

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