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Scale Control

Aqua Cure Scotland offer a range of filtration systems designed to reduce limescale, balance the pH and improve the taste of incoming feed water to most commercial water heating and cooling equipment. These particular filters are market specific, therefore if you sell or service combination or steam ovens then you should consider Everpure’s Claris range of water filters for limescale reduction

Further to this, Everpure have recently introduced a brand new addition to the Claris range, called the Claris ULTRA. This range of filters has been specifically made to service coffee, vending machines and water boilers for limescale reduction coupled with pH balancing qualities.

Finally we also supply a non ‘twist-fit’ variant that is suitable for all machine types, the Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU) for simple limescale reduction.

For more information on any of these water filter systems please contact us.

Why do I need Scale Control?

Limescale is the chalky calcium deposit you get building up in your kettle at home but it’s not just domestic users who can encounter it.

In catering applications where large volumes of water are boiled for hot beverages, scale issues are more than just an annoyance; scale can hamper equipment efficiency and in worst case scenarios can damage machinery leading to an increased chance of breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Aqua Cure Scotland supply a wide range of scale control solutions from simple Calcium Treatment Units (CTUs) to state of the art Claris ULTRA systems for commercial food service and beverage applications.

Scale Control Filters

All Applications Catered For

Aqua Cure Scotland not only stock products suitable for commercial vending and catering applications but also supply products suitable for residential applications and domestic users.

Products To Suit Your Budget

Having such a wide range of products means that we aren’t bound to one manufacturer and can offer you a water filter that provides a solution and also fits your budget.

Scale Control Filters

The Complete Package

We can offer the complete package from systems and installation components to replacement filters as well as descaling solutions and sanitisers for machine maintenance.

Expert Advice

If you’ve got a water related issue but aren’t sure of the cause or the best solution, feel free to give us a call for some impartial advice from the industry experts.

Everpure Claris Ultra FamilyEverpure Claris ULTRA

Everpure’s unique Claris ULTRA filter system combines filtration with both scale and corrosion control – an industry first.

By balancing the pH of feed water this filter provides both mineral reduction and corrosion protection and by using the existing Claris DuoBlend head, existing Claris users can upgrade seamlessly to the ULTRA range.

This filter offers the very best quality water for hot drinks and ice machines as well as protection from scale and corrosion – please contact one of our technical sales staff if you require any further information or advice on the optimum choice of filter for your particular application.

Everpure Claris RangeEverpure Claris

Though removing limescale will prolong the life of your equipment, for certain coffee applications a certain amount of hardness in the water is necessary for proper extraction of flavour from the coffee bean. As such, the Everpure Claris system, which is tailored to the coffee market, features an adjustable variable bypass head to let you get the balance just right: enough scale control to protect your equipment and enough residual hardness to ensure a tasty brew.

A few years ago we were named Everpure’s master distributor in the UK which means that we can offer the widest range of Everpure products in the UK as well as some of the best pricing.

BanHard Calcium Treatment UnitBanHard CTU

Calcium Treatment Units (or CTUs) are an extremely effective range of systems designed to reduce limescale and improve the taste of incoming feed water to most commercial water heating and cooling equipment including:

  • Vending equipment
  • Coffee machines
  • Combination ovens
  • Water boilers
  • Baking ovens
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